These LIVE 60 minute virtual classes are fun and motivating, all accompanied by classic rock tunes to keep you inspired while at home!

Individual Virtual Classes open to all registered participants*.

 Each class has its own dedicated Skype Meeting Link - Nothing to download or join- just click on the link sent to you upon registration and join in!


Open to all levels: modifications provided throughout class


A fun low impact total body workout combining cardiovascular and strength to burn fat and build endurance. Bring your weights, resistance bands, and tubing or just use body weight! Work 'heavy' or 'light' it is up to you and your goals!


Footwear: Good supportive sneakers

Equipment: Weights (3 – 15 lbs.) and/or bands, or tubing


Work long and lean while strengthening your core and challenge your body with a combination of ballet, pilates and yoga moves, all performed to classic Rock Tunes! Great for tightening the glutes, inner thighs and other assorted 'wiggly bits'!


Footwear: Class may be performed in socks, bare feet, or flexible dance shoes.

Equipment: Barre, or sturdy chair/table to hold for balance; Pilates ball, bands or tubing

Kick & Strength 

Kick & Strength combines cardio kickboxing moves with resistance training. Low impact but still very high energy to get in a great workout.


Footwear: Good supportive sneakers

Equipment: Weights (3 – 15 lbs.) and/or bands, or tubing


Keep it simple and stay flat, or add intensity with different height levels.  Great functional training using light - medium resistance helps you burn fat and gain endurance, while still keeping it low impact!


Footwear: Good supportive sneakers

Equipment: Light weights (2 – 10 lbs.) and/or bands or tubing. Optional: A sturdy step (or stair) 4”-10” high.


Schedule varies weekly: 

 Check back on Sundays for current schedule; or request to be added to our email list

FUN - CONVENIENT and ONLY $10 each!

Dedicated SKYPE MEETING class link sent upon receipt of class payment. 

Once logged into Skype:

Click on the microphone and video icons to engage with the group, or choose to stay private; your choice!


for class options for your group, business or organization! 

For all classes:

Wear whatever you are most comfortable in to move freely.

Be sure to have: a towel, water, and a mat (or soft surface) for floor work.